Monday, March 3, 2014

Did you celebrate Dr. Seuss's Birthday?

Yesterday was Dr. Seuss's Birthday and the kick off for Read America. We usually do something fun for this, and we did, but not to the same level as in the past. On Friday when I was babysitting, Haylee and I read Red Fish, Blue Fish and then she got to go fishing form the chair. Fun foam fish and paperclips, a stick some yard and a good magnet. Then we read "The Cat in the Hat" and we played a bean bag toss game. I made a "Cat in the Hat" hat from an oatmeal container and red and white paper. She then had to throw her little bean bags into the hat.  And finally we read Green eggs and ham- we made green and vanilla pudding and made "eggs" for dessert.

Yesterday for my boys I made waffles with different colored batter- pink, green, blue. And while they ate, I read to them "Oh the Places You'll Go!" With the boys being so busy, I don't get to play as much as we did when they were home and we had all day to read and have Dr. Seuss games, but they still expect something- which makes it fun.  I will say that when I started talking to them in rhyme they thought I had lost my mind, but we all laughed as we worked on that for about 45 minutes- talking like a Seuss book. 

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