Saturday, January 18, 2014

Children's Radio programming

Family Life Network is locally available on several stations, but the neat part is that it can get your kids mind's working. Let their imagination flow. Teach them to listen better and to focus on what they are hearing. Each evening between 7-8pm there is the Children's hour. This broadcast includes Adventures in Odyssey- a program from Focus on the Family; then they have "The Pond", "The Lamplighter Theater", "Jonathan Parkes" and more.  Several of these programs are also aired on Saturday mornings starting at 8am til usually 10am.  These are great programs when you start asking questions about the shows, like well what does this character look like? This is especially true if the children haven't seen any of the video that these shows are now making.

Above is their coverage area, click on their web address below to zoom in and take a better look. This is a radio station with so much more. They are based out of Bath, New York, but we have been so blessed by them here in Northwest PA. Check out all of their resources here

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