Saturday, October 26, 2013

Garrett's Flag Football Season

Last weekend, Garrett's Flag Football season came to a conclusion as a player on an undefeated team!!!! We had a great Flag Football season with warm games and only 1 game cancelled due to rain(It poured that weekend!), but we were able to make it up later that week. Last Weekends game was under the lights at the high school field and it was raining and windy for the K-2nd grade game, but the kids played well and it was a close game. Garrett got to serve as captain at the final "Championship" game. Garrett had some great games with several catches for touchdowns and a couple of runs for touchdowns and he was getting really good at pulling flags.
Tuck and Run!

It's mine!!!

I've got an open field

Drew and Garrett as Captains

Garrett is the one on the left and he has the ball.
Thank to the great coaches, Josh & Andy!

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