Thursday, June 20, 2013

US Flag Children's Sermon

I presented this children's sermon on Memorial Day Weekend, but I think it could be presented at any time especially near a patriotic holiday, but it was most appropriate for Memorial day. The idea here can be used but maybe not all of it for other American holidays.  At the front of our church there are 2 flags- the US Flag and the Christian Flag- these were key elements for this children's sermon.

Once the children were seated, I asked them if they knew what was special about the weekend. I got a few going "we're almost out of school." But I did have an older child know that it was Memorial Day weekend. So I asked what should we do on Memorial Day? Some said "camp", "picnic", but I had one that said "remember." Now this young person I challenged little bit more, "what are we to remember?" He replied " Those men and woman that fought for our country."  I asked "You mean people were fighting over land?" to which others answered "No, our freedom!" Oh, ok! I get it, but let's look at something here for a minute. I asked 2 children to go up to the flags and pull them up a little bit so the congregation and children could see them.

Can you tell me what is the same about these flags?
Meaning of the Colors in the American Flag thumbnail
The children told me that they both had red, white and blue on them.  "You're right!" Anything else? Do you know the names of these flags? well of course they knew the United States flag, but not a one knew the Christian Flag.  "Well, let's do some comparing of these flags, because if they are at the front of our church, they must be important.
The United States Flag, the red stands for valor and hardiness.  on the Christian Flag the red represents blood.
In the United States flag, the blue stands for perseverance & justice, where in the Christian Flag it stands for faithfulness, truth and sincerity.
In the United States Flag, the white stands for purity and on the Christian Flag it represents purity and peace.
So each of the colors represents something and they are very similar. The United States Flag has 13 stripes to represent the 13 colonies and currently it has 50 stars to represent the 50 states. The Christian Flag has a cross on it to represent the cross that Christ died on.  So they are similar, but here is something kind of cool!
The Christian Flag can be flown and pledged to in any country in the World. It could be flying in Asia, Africa and even right here. As long as you are a Christian and believe in Christ, you can pledge to the Christian Flag. But the united States Flag - only those that live in the United States would pledge to that flag. Canada has it's own flag, England has it's own Flag, Russia has it's own flag.
The Christian Flag is a "World Flag" where the United States Flag, is a "Country Flag."  But we were talking about Memorial Day and we know that we have had soldiers die for the US Flag, but who should we remember when we look at the Christian Flag? Yes Jesus, who died for our freedom, but not our right to do as we like but our freedom from Sin and Hell. So when you look at the front of our church, which flag to you think should be the most important?  "Yes the Christian Flag."  So this weekend, take time to remember all of those who have given their lives for you- our soldiers and Jesus himself- and if you get a chance thank a Veteran.
Before we close, would all the veterans stand(applaud the veterans) We want to thank you for serving our country and being examples of a Christian. Let's close in prayer.
After presenting this children's sermon, I realized how many of our children don't know the Christian pledge, so I am including it as a reference here that should you be interested in using it with this idea, please do so. I am also giving 2 websites that had info about both flags.
I pledge allegiance to the Christian Flag
and to the Savior for whose kingdom it stands.
One brotherhood, uniting all mankind,
in service and love." info on the Christian Flag

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