Friday, June 7, 2013

Frog and Toad Indentification

Tonight the boys found some frogs that we have been listening too for several weeks. They have been around our swimming pool area, so tonight the boys decided it was time to catch them. Garrett started with 1, then I found 1 (Robert caught it) and then Gary found 1. The boys then decided that they would see how many more they could locate. It ended up that we have 5, but their calls were unusual. The chirp for a while and then they sound like a turkey call. So we wanted to know what they were. To the compute we went!!   We checked out this website and

Both websites were pretty cool as the have sound clips that you can compare the calls to. After listening to a good number of frog/toad calls- we have determined that we have Eastern Gray Tree frogs.  This has been a fun and interesting evening just listening to all the different types of frogs/toads and their songs. But now we can all go to bed now knowing what is outside on our porch in the small aquarium. Tomorrow we will relocate them to the bigger pond!
Eastern Gray Treefrog - By: Wayne FidlerThis is one of the pictures from the website. I'll see if I can get my own tomorrow.

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