Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween Fun Food

Our Witches Fingers

The Red Wiggler sandwich and the spider warts
Okay we usually have a "Halloween Meal" with Andrew each year before the Trick or Treating or the Community Party. Well this year, with crazy schedules, we had it on Saturday afternoon. Sometimes, I make gross looking things and then have to talk them into trying it, other times, I just add weird names. This year, it was a combination. We had "Red Wiggler sandwich", "Spider warts", "Witches fingers",  slices of "frog eyes" and "Bat Bodies" I explained that when witches prepare their brews they had to have unusual ingredients, and that our meal was from their ingredient list.  The red wiggler sandwich - hot dogs sliced length-wise and then cooked with BBQ sauce all served on a burger bun so they kind of fall off the sides. The "spider warts" were just Tater tots. Then the "witches fingers"- cheese sticks with "V" shapes cut in at the knuckle area and then an almond placed in the tip for the finger nail and our "frog eyes" were just grapes sliced across the grape. And finally we had the "Bat Bodies" - these were just Swiss cake rolls that I used M&M's for eyes and a nose at one end of the Swiss cake roll.

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