Thursday, August 11, 2011

Venango County Fair

Okay this week has been busy for the first few days, but here is how things have worked out here! Robert received a blue in goat showmanship and in fitting and he placed 2nd in the 4-H market goat and 3rd in Open Market goat class. Garrett, placed 1st in his goat class and he participated in pee wee showmanship on Monday. On Tuesday, Robert entered his hog in the hog show, and he received a blue in showmanship, 1st in 4-H Class and 1st in Open.  The boys also entered many projects in the open and 4-H areas that were not animal related. Robert received 1st in Genealogy, 1st on his Spring Wildlife, 1st on his Wildlife poster, 3rd on his Crank It Up, Small Engines. Garrett received a 3rd on his bracelet, a 3rd on his painted t-shirt, 2nd on his creative flower, 2nd on farm display, 2nd on sunflower, 2nd on his watercolor painting. Honestly, I know that there is more that the boys entered but I can't remember right now.
They are having a great week and a good time!

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