Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Birding for 4-H Project

Well we are in the last stretch for this year's 4-H Project Books as they are due soon!!! So we have some activities that need to be finished up. Today we needed to listen for birds again. We did this a couple of weeks ago in our backyard and found that if we saw the bird we could identify it, but to figure out what it is by sound is much more difficult.

So today we went to the ponds near our house , where there are usually loads of geese. But today we saw maybe 8. We hear a great number of birds, but still can't identify them well by sound. But we did see a hawk and a great blue heron. All very cool. The boys were very excited about seeing these birds.  And the fun part was being able to come home and once again going to the computer to and learning more about them. So go try listening for birds and find out what you can identify. Then open your eyes and see if you can do any better!

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  1. Those are some awesome sightings! My daughter loves birds so I've had a great education in them. I downloaded an iPhone app that we use when we have trouble identifying a call. Thank you for sharing at the Smart Summer Challenge!