Monday, May 9, 2011


Garrett is my birdwatcher.He is always pointing out the birds and I'll hear "Sh, we dont' want to scare the bird" But he has an exciting project that can our way. There is a Robin that has nested in the playset. So the other day we went up and looked in and there were 4 eggs. So we have been watching the eggs and so far 3 of them have hatched. He is so very excited that there are baby birds at the playset.

But we also have a Great White Egret that is hanging out in the pond near our house. So we had to come check our bird book and when we didn't find what we were looking for we went on line. We found a great site from Cornell University that has all sorts of information about birds. You can search them by name and hear their song. You can check their habitat, the breeding habits and their standard menu. If you would like to take a peek at the site here is a link
So take a look at the birds around your house, put out a feeder and enjoy the beautiful colors that you will find! Garrett loves it!

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