Monday, August 9, 2010

Venango County Fair

The Frog Jumping contest returned this year and Andrew had the largest frog there - he didn't win but it was a huge frog! (And he didn't step on it!)

Robert in the auction ring on sale night - he did very well and had several buyers there bidding on his goat.

Animal dress up contest - Garrett took first place with his goat as Rudolph and he dressed as Santa. Robert and Sam had "Superhero goats" while John, Joe & Paul had the "Pirate goat" and Andrew dressed his sheep up as a King.
The week ended on a fun note except when Andrew got hurt, but the kids had fun. The one other thing of the week was that at the awards ceremony Robert received the "Rate of Gain" award for goats, which was cool since we weren't sure if he was putting on enough weight or not- I guess Robert must have fed it right. The fair is over for yet another year, but now Robert has decided that maybe he would like to have dairy goats so he could milk them and then make goat milk fudge & a pig might be fun too. Oh what will the next year hold for us? I can hardly wait!

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