Thursday, August 19, 2010

Swimming Pool Educational Game

This summer we have spent a lot of time at our pool. The boys like to have me "tow" them around the pool on a pool noodle. Well I had just read an article about a mom who had her girls learn their address and phone number while they got their hair done. Well since this was on my mind, it got the creative juices going. While in the pool, we came up with a new game. Rockin Robin's Towing Service.

The boys would pretend that they had an accident with their pool noodle and then they would call "Rockin Robin's Towing Service" AKA Mom. I would then ask them to give me their location for the tow truck to find them - they had to tell me our home address including town and state. Then I would ask for a phone number at which they could be reached in case the tow truck got lost. To this Robert found out that he needed to learn my cell phone number - so his contact number was my cell phone and to Garrett his contact number was the house number. Once the information was communicated I would rush to the "scene of the accident" and grab a hold of the pool noodle with child in tow and tow them to a pretend garage to have their car fixed.

Okay so we pretended and included learning and swimming and fun all into one- what more could we ask for! At least the boys now know phone numbers and Garrett has learned his address! Yeah!!

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