Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Garrett

Opening Presents and a watergun to even things out Happy 4th Birthday Garrett
Okay, Summer gets in the way of me being a "good" mom and remembering to get online and post simple things, but Garrett turned 4 on June 30th. He is now "Big" or so he is telling people. The fun part is that the next day he got up and asked me if he was 5 now. But his birthday was a cool evening and a campfire and sweatshirts were required but he had a Thomas birthday cake and family stopped in for supper, cake and ice cream. A watergun and a nerf gun will even things out with Robert and painting pads and a new hay rake for his "big tractors" and a round baler for the small tractors will round up things. He spent that night sleeping on his floor in his new sleeping bag. But if nothing else He are excited to be 4!

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