Friday, July 16, 2010

Fun with Food

"Hi I'm Mr. Corndog Man! How are you?" (are you sure we can play with our food?)

Summer time can sometimes mean a little more flexibility and that meals can be fun. Today the boys wanted corn dogs (questionable on how healthy)which I had purchased and had in the freezer. When I pulled them from the microwave, I noticed that there was a bump on the batter that looked like a nose. So I grabbed some shredded cheese and made little eyes and then I took a mushroom (left over from mountain pies the other night) and made a mouth and set them on the table. Robert and Garrett were like "Cool" Robert wanted to add hair - he said that cheese could easily make hair or maybe streaks of ketchup. Anyhow we had fun at lunch today and made the next time, I will let the boys create instead of me, but it is fun to make something different or unexpected for lunches during the summer. Try even using a cookie cutter for sandwiches - some days we have cows, pigs and hay bales. (Which Robert will even ask for once in a while because he remembers doing it when he wasn't in school)

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