Thursday, January 28, 2016

New Year and off to Farm Show

Well this year the boys were pretty low key about ringing in the New Year- no fireworks(missed them by minutes) no ball drop, no games til midnight.  But a week into the new year and we are off to the 100th PA Farm Show and not just to visit! Garrett sent his woodworking project down to be judged as he was a 1st place winner at the County Fair. But Robert, well he decided to raise a meat goat to show at the Jr Livestock Show.  This caused a few issues as we don't have the best facilities for walking and grooming during the winter(muddy) months that we had this year.  And I always worry about traveling to Harrisburg in January from the western end of the state. But Friday morning we got things loaded and headed east. The day was nice, we were ahead of the rain and we had a great trip down. Robert got Mayday weighed in and settled into a pen and then the fun began. Clipping and getting him all cleaned up for the show Saturday afternoon. Friday evening was nice as there weren't too many people there, but Saturday that was a different story!  Fortunately Gary was able to have the weekend off so he could help Robert while Garrett , Wyatt and I could wander the Farm Show.

Family came from the western end of the state just to support Robert- which was cool! He ended up in the class with the reserve Champion, but he placed 9th. He wasn't too upset as he had the opportunity to show at the 100th PA Farm Show- exactly 25 years from when his Dad showed hogs at the 75th Farm Show. I do believe that he now has added an event to the annual calendar. Gary and I got to catch up with some friends from college that we haven't seen in years. We wandered the Farm Show Complex and finally found Garrett's lamp and he placed 2nd - which he was excited about.

Sunday we spent part of the day checking out the other displays throughout the Farm Show and then we headed for home- which included a 30 degree drop in temperature and snow on the western end of the state. but overall, we had a very successful and fun weekend at the PA Farm Show.
Garrett found a place to take a nap

Robert with Mayday before the show

Garrett with his project - the lamp on the top shelf

Robert showing
You have to get a picture on big equipment
I guess your never too old to get pictures on big equipment
Riding the carousel with friends

The Schick Boys!

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