Sunday, April 5, 2015

Venango County Fair Grounds Barns Continued

On March 28, Robert earned his Life Practical for Boy Scouts by organizing a group of Boy Scouts from 2 local Troops to go to the Fairgrounds and work at taking down the hog pens and the hog barn. The morning started off pretty cold and there was snow in the air (again), but this didn't stop the boys as they went through and removed waterers.  Then out came the hammers and sledge hammers and tools- the demolition began. The boys worked all morning until noon at which time they had just about all the pens torn out & wire pieces removed from the cement. Over lunch the fairboard members took down the remaining roof trusses and when the Boys Scouts returned from lunch they were able to start feeding the fire with the hog pens. They also started taking down the walls. It was a very busy and productive day.

The next day the Fair Board and volunteers started on removing the Bean Barn and the progress there in on afternoon with just a few volunteers was a great accomplishment!

It won't be long until I get to start posting building pictures!!!

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