Thursday, November 13, 2014

Halloween and Halloween Food 2015

Halloween was a little difficult at our house since it fell on the last home football game at the high school, but I think we got everything covered. Robert and Garrett are both big enough to work on their pumpkins on their own with some supervision, so they made their Jack-o-lanterns.

Garrett with his pumpkin

Robert cutting his pumpkin
 Now costumes- well Robert didn't wear one this year but Garrett was Jase from Duck Dynasty. But my niece, Haylee, was Elisa and we made her an Olaf to take with her.

Elisa and Olaf
Now anymore the Halloween dinner seems to be what this group looks for and what ever weird treats I might come up with. This year we had Smurf brains (blue spaghetti with sauce). The night before the 4-H Club asked me to made my weird and wacky snacks for their meeting. So they had used band-aids (graham crackers with icing and strawberry jam) Frankenstein's (Swiss cake rolls with faces) and I think my new favorite pus pockets (cream puffs that you squeeze just a little to get the filling to start coming out).  Even though we were limited on time this year, I think we all had a good time!

Smurf Brains

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