Thursday, December 27, 2012

Ice Cream Christmas Tree

This year, we cut back on the number of gifts that we made and actually bought a few more gifts than usual. This somehow opened up a little bit of time for me and I was able to be a little creative on a couple of gifts. One that turned out very nicely was the Ice Cream Christmas Tree.

I started with a 5 quart bucket of ice cream this I wrapped in aluminum foil. Then on top of the bucket I sat jars of toppings: hot fudge, butterscotch, sprinkles and a jar of cherries. In the middle I added a can of Reddi -whip.

 I wrapped the toppings and whipped cream in green tissue paper. I then had a clear basket bag that I sat all of this in and tied it at the top.

I then wrapped the outside of the basket bag with wire garland. It came out looking better than what I thought it was going to but a great gift to share! Now looking at it, the next time I will find a star to top it off with.

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