Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Turkey Hands

I love using the kids' hands for different projects. At this time of year, their hands make great turkeys.  Here are a couple of fun turkey projects that use their hands.

1. Trace their hand, Use the thumb as the head, add 1 eye and a little waddle then let the rest of the fingers be the feathers of the body of the turkey. Add feet out of the bottom of the hand. These are cute as decorations for the table for Thanksgiving.

2. I have traced the hand and then we wrote 5 prayer reminders, 1 per finger. Those reminders are to pray for (thumb) those that are close to me. (Pointer) those who have pointed me towards God. (Middle) Those in charge. (Ring finger) Those who are weak or sick and then the little finger - Me.
I took their hand and we cut it out. The fingers became the feathers. We then cut a circle for the body and a Neck and head shape. We added feet and then we glued it all together. I then covered it with clear contact paper. These became our Thanksgiving place mats and prayer reminders.

These are just a couple of fun turkey activities that can take just a few minutes.

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