Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas thank you notes

Well the packages have been opened and the paper has been collected and before it is time to go back to school, I like to have the kids write their thank notes. We will take a day and all sit down at the table with a list of the thank you notes that we all need to write. Depending on the kid and their mood, we sometimes make our thank you notes with rubber stamps, we have used old Christmas and just made thank you post cards, or we have taken stickers or colored pictures and made up our own thank yous. But no matter what type of thank yous you use, it is a very thoughtful idea and a great way to remind the kids to say thank you for things that they receive.

In addition to teaching the kids manners, it is also an easy way to slip in some writing time during the holidays. I usually only ask the kids to write at least 2 lines. A thank you line and this is what I will do with the gift line. If I have the pictures, I try to include a picture of the kid with the gift especially for relatives that live far away or weren't able to be with us when the boys opened the gift.

This can be a fun morning spent with the boys with the last of the Christmas music, a cup of hot chocolate and maybe a few cookies or candies. When we sit down and do it together the boys do it a lot easier and we have a lot more fun.

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