Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Special Class Schedule

At Keystone, we have "numbered day schedules" instead of  "day schedules" and I find this very confusing. But Robert and I have found that each year we take a piece of fun foam and divide it into the 5 days. He writes the day number and then what special class goes along with that day. I also try to find stickers to decorate each class with. Then I take Velcro dots and attach a dot to each day & I make an arrow or a marker of some type to move each day to help us keep track of this schedule. This year the marker is a football. So each day he would move the football to the next day and know what special class he has. In addition to that I have a stack of magnets, (The free kind that are handed out as advertising) I glued 2 of those to the back of the fun foam with Elmer's glue. This makes it that it will stick to the back of our door (without damage) and Robert can check to see if he has what he needs for the day when he is going out the door.

If nothing else it has worked great for me to be able to as questions in the evening,. like how was art? or what ever class and it gets the conversation started.

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  1. Love this idea! Definitely going to use it! Thanks!