Sunday, April 18, 2010

recycling toys

Well, it is that time of year when we are spending more and more time outside (except for this cold weekend) but when the weather changes I have found is a good time to clean up some of the toys in the house and make them "Disappear" for a while. I had Garrett clean up his Thomas the Train set (that has been in the living room for over a month)and put all the pieces into the plastic tub. Now it will be packed up for most of the summer (because I don't let that go outside for the lawn mower to find the pieces later.) The thing is that come September or October when we get it back out- he will play with it for days on end because it will be like opening up a long lost toy. The only thing about doing this is remembering where you have put the toys and not forgetting before they outgrow the toy.

This can also be part of a cleaning for a yard sale or donation day too. If you get your kids to help organize, when the shelf or toy box is full of their current favorites, put any extras in a box for later. This helps make it that the kids are more involved with the toys when you pull them back out and they are able to enjoy them.

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